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kylie cicero found

Pottsville Police say missing teen Kylie Cicero is found.

On Facebook, Kylie’s mother, Nicole, offers more details on how her daughter was found and returned safely.

She says “dumb luck” led to her safe return. In her post she writes, “A car got pulled over tonight and Kylie happened to be inside. Police acted quickly and right now she is in the hospital getting checked and hopefully is fine or as good as can be.”

She adds, “FOUND is step one, the rest will be a tough and rough road trying to put what is left together and get Kylie better and back to who she really is which is an incredible loving person.”

Cicero was first reported missing soon after it’s believed she left her home on April 17. Pottsville Police issued an alert seeking the public’s help in finding her on April 24.

3 responses to UPDATE: Missing Pottsville Teen Kylie Cicero Found, Is Safe

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  2. Edith April 25th, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    We are so Happy she was found safe. We prayed For a safe return.Last night her cousine Rebekah was crying. She was afraid for her cousine.we are here for you.patience and lots of love.
    Love the Moyers.❤


  3. Harry Pytak April 30th, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Does anyone know if she was with the other missing girl? Autumn Lynn. Was she taken? Would like more details sk I know if my kids are safe. Glad she was found though.


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