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pine grove school board president resigns

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Pine Grove Area School District announced the resignation of its school board president Monday.

Evelyn Wassel is “relocating” and resigning her post as head of the district’s school board.

“Thank you to Dr. Eveyln (sic) Wassel for serving our school district for the last 3.5 years. Dr. Wassel has chosen to resign from the Board of Education due to a relocation,” the school posted on its Facebook page.

Wassel nearly served the entirety of her 4-year term.

She replied to the school’s social media post saying, “It was an honor to serve.”

She won election in 2015. Her seat on the board is up for election this year. She doesn’t appear on the ballot just approved by Schuylkill County Board of Elections.

Actually, no one does. No one circulated a petition or got enough signatures to appear for Wassel’s seat in the primary election in May.

Wassel is a Region 1 representative in Pine Grove Area. The district assigns seats on the board based on geography.

Pine Grove Area School Board President Resigns

Oddly, in a Facebook job posting, the school announced it had an opening for a School Board Director.

If you’re looking for a person to fill the role and no one is on the ballot for this seat, you might as well try anything, right?

Here are the qualifications if you’re interested:

  • Must be 18
  • High school diploma required
  • Must live within Region 1 of Pine Grove Area: Verify your address at the Election Bureau (570-628-1467)

If you’re interested in rounding out Wassel’s remaining term — get a few meetings under your belt — you can send a letter of interest to the school board secretary. Here’s the address:

Joanne Brindle, School Board Secretary
Pine Grove Area School District
103 School St., Pine Grove, PA 17963

Interested people can also email their letter to

You have to do this by April 30.

Of course, you won’t be on the board long, just about 6 months. But with no one on the ballot in the fall for this seat, your chances at winning election are good.

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